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The Perils of People Pleasing, Scrolling and Unfollowing

I feel SO petty to think about how bad it makes me feel. But it does. As we grow as people, how we see things and how we react shifts. Those people and accounts aren’t at all in the wrong. Everyone should post whatever they want. You got a new car? YOU TELL EVERYONE! You reached a million sales on your shop? SCREAM IT FROM THE FRIGGIN’ INSTA ROOFTOP! But how I feel and how I react, is on me and my mental health - it’s not anyone else’s doing. 

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Charlotte Mcintosh
Me, My Boat & The Sea of Self-Doubt

Last night, I had the worst case of those pesky self-doubts and spent that time thinking it would be really useful to compare myself to every single person I admire. Yeah, that will do it - that will get you out of that awful mood and make you feel productive and not anxious at all (not). Why do I do it? Why has my brain been programmed to fall into a bigger, darker, more scary hole when I get an inkling of doubt? 

Are you ready for a really rocky analogy? Hear me out..

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