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HELLO! Let's all ignore the fact I have posted on here like 4 times in over a year.. But this post is all about the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate, so if you are interested in any of those things, stick around!


I wanted to write some posts about my process as I love reading about and watching other creators methods and journeys through projects and pieces myself. I'm going to delve into some filming over the next few weeks as I have a lot of commissions to paint my way through so it seems like the perfect opportunity to try my hand at this video malarkey!
When I first started painting my portraits, I used watercolour only. I still use it and ADORE it and will hopefully be writing a whole post about them in the near future. The thing with watercolour is there is NO room whatsoever for error. I began to scan the portraits in a tweak colours here and there if clients wanted hair darker, clothes brighter, etc and used my MacBook and little Wacom tablet to edit on Adobe Photoshop. The tablet was an older model but did the basics that I needed it to do.

Then one day, I got gifted an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil from my lovely husband-to-be (he is an Apple Genius, of course!). I've never had anything like it and was so excited to play around with it.
Straight away I downloaded AstroPad. This is such a clever app which mirrors your desktop or laptop screen onto your iPad meaning editing on Photoshop is a DREAM. For a while, I was just using my iPad and Apple Pencil for just that until I discovered the wonder that is Procreate. 
Procreate is basically the next best thing to paper and all the creative utensils you could get your paint covered hands on! Once you download to app, you already have so many different brushes to use ranging from pencils, charcoal, acrylic, watercolour, ink, gel pen, airbrushes.. you name it, Procreate has got it. It also has lots of preset textures that are amazing for backgrounds and creating depth in whatever you are doing. You can also download SO many different ready made brushes for special things such as brush lettering and handwriting. You can pay for so many good ones and also you can find amazing free sets like the ones on Rad & Happy! 
Another wonderful feature Procreate has is that it can record your process of each piece you create. Once I discovered this, my mind was BLOWN. I did a little video of one of my first portraits using only Procreate! You can watch it down here:

With Procreate, I can create portraits that still have a natural finish when using organic feeling brushes such as the 6B pencil and gouache brush. I was worried the work would look too flat but there is SO much you can do to make the end result look as though I was using all those materials anyway! So, I feel it's fair to say I am OBSESSED with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, especially when Procreate is so much fun to use and create work I'm proud of! 
I still love both of my processes, watercolour and digital, and that's why I offer both styles when on my shop and when I am talking to clients. Even though my layouts and features are the same, the options have different benefits. I can add way more detail in my digital portraits and can also edit it really easily if necessary. No matter what, watercolour will always have it's own unique texture and build which works so well in a natural, light manner. 
I can't possibly choose a favourite process and am so excited to do some more videos of my watercolour painting later on this month so keep your eyes peeled for a watercolour extravaganza from me very soon!
Thanks so much for reading! I'd love any feedback or comments as I'm new to this whole blog thing and could really use some opinions. Also if you'd like me to write about, film, photograph or feature anything in particular, please let me know! 
Love, Charlotte xxx

Charlotte Mcintosh