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Happy New Year!!


I am currently fulfilling one of my mini goals; blogging. I'm not sure I would call what I write on here blogging as it's not very.. bloggy. But here I am.. writing a blog! I've got lots of ideas for this little section of the internet which I hope will not only be useful to me but people may actually enjoy looking at. WISH ME LUCK!
Right, first off. Can you do me a favour and pretend I posted this on Monday? What even is the day today?! (It's 1am on a Thursday but that's between you and me..)

This is my new weekly (!!!) feature on my little blog called "Moody Monday". No, I'm not just going to moan and complain.. I do that anyway. I'm going to be making a little mood board up every Monday with a particular theme in mind using things I've seen on the internet, Pinterest, photos I've taken that week, films I've watched, etc, etc. I used to make mood boards at the start of every project I got given when studying, right up until my last project at uni. I then did mini ones throughout as my project developed and grew. They really helped me visualise what was going on in my head and set me off to a good start so what better way to start a new week than with a new mood board to get me going creatively! 

This week, seeing as we've just had our New Years Eve celebrations and we're all feeling a bit like the deflated balloon behind the back of the sofa, I'm going to collect a whole range of all things shiny and sparkly to get us back to our glittery selves! 

ENJOY!! (click on the photos for more info and sources)

Charlotte Mcintosh