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Brighton is up there in my top 3 place to visit ever. I can’t not be happy when I’m there rummaging through Snoopers Paradise or breathing in the seaside air on Brighton Pier. It was mine and Tom’s fourth trip there together and we were celebrating our one year anniversary (I honestly don’t know how he’s put up for me for a whole year!!).

We went for our usual route through the North Laines and had lunch at our favourite pub, The Dorchester. It’s such a friendly little place with seats outside – prime people watching spot. All the little shops are amazing and I drag Tom into every single one every single time! My personal favourites are Pussy Home Boutique, home of all things Moomin, Rob Ryan and these amazing swan planters, and of course, Snoopers Paradise, the holy grail of vintage finds. I just bought a few little birthday presents after saying to Tom over and over again how I wish I could have driven here so we can just put the bright blue 60’s kitchen table in the boot of our car (which we don’t own). And then I came across the most beautiful coat of them all. As most of you that are reading this are well aware of, I have an unhealthy obsession with buying coats. No one and nothing can stop me, trust me I’ve tried. So when I fell in love with this faux fur leopard print coat with retro brooch on the collar which so happens to fit like a glove I HAD TO BUY IT.


I just had to, ok?!

Another highlight of Snoopers Paradise is the retro instant photobooth hidden in one of the many little crevices of the huge place. Me and Tom get a photo every time and I can’t wait until I have enough to fill a massive frame of them.

Brighton is just the perfect little town to explore for hours and hours. This time round we found the tiniest street with lovely coloured doors (my favourite things). It backed on the some amazing houses which had overgrown gardens that could have been the enchanted forest! We wanted to break in but there were spikes on the wall and I was wearing tights and a short dress so it would have been a challenge.


Just a perfect day in a perfect place with perfect company!

We also went to our other usual spot, a cool little cafe on the corner, Bread & Milk.They do the best sandwiches and flatbreads! We treated ourselves to a salted caramel brownie each which I could of eaten 10 of they were so good.



Shamefully, after many Brighton trips, I only just noticed the Bruce Williamssculpture right on the seafront! How I’ve missed that so many times I’ll never know but it’s such a beautiful piece. ‘The Kiss Wall’ is an aluminium screen with images of kissing people of all ages and gender drilled into it which can only be seen at an upfront angle when the sun shines behind it. So lovely!


So if you follow me on any social media platform, I’m sure you are more than aware that Tom proposed to me on this trip! It was dreamy and I cried. He did it on the pier in the evening and he was on one knee and everything with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. And the next thing I said after I said yes was “Have you asked my mum?” which he did, thank goodness. Anyone that knows my mum will know that everything needs to be approved by her that that’s absolutely fine. So after a cry, some PDA, a couple of phone calls and fish and chips on the seafront, we went to find a little place to celebrate. And what we found was the BEST. We went to The Breakfast Club in The Lanes. It had spot on mid century colour schemes and furniture with pineapples, swans and flamingos EVERYWHERE. How great, right?!


I know I keep saying this word, but the whole trip was perfect. Can’t wait to go back, explore and discover even more next time!