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I’ve put off getting a blog as I’ve never been one for commitment when it comes to writing (hence why I have so many unopened shiny new notebooks). But here I am, trying to learn and document it. Wish me luck, guys! Sorry in advance for the excessive use of exclamation marks in every post..

So this summer has been a good one for my sketchbooks. After a soul destroying final assessment at the end of my 2nd year studying BA Hons Fine Art, I had some sort of a illustrative revelation. I can’t cope with the fine art world. I like pretty things with no meaning. And fine art is the complete and utter opposite. At the end of the month I will be enduring my last year of being a moody, lazy student. The inevitable question that every person asks when you tell them you’re studying fine art needs to have a answer for it.

“What are you going to do when uni is over?”

In my first year, I would scoff and say “I’m not even thinking about it yet”. And here I am, a 3rd year student and I have an answer. Kind of. Not really. I just want to draw and make nice things! Is that a profession?? Will it cover my bills and rent? I don’t know. But all I know is that I’m going to work the hardest I have ever done to try and make it possible.

So this is it. My website is launched, despite some tech related tantrums.. thank goodness I’m going out with a Genius (no, really, he works at Apple). My Etsy shop is getting fuller and my heart is full with the love and support I get from my followers!! You make me so determined and excited to create new things! You fuel my passion and that’s amazing.

I started to read ‘#GIRLBOSS’, a cool guide on how to be your own boss written by the founder of ‘Nasty Gal’, Sophia Amoruso. I only got to page 16 before I was asleep and dribbling on myself and Tom (due to tiredness, definitely not boredom) and I already feel completely empowered. I can do this!

I have little checkpoints to aim for. As soon as I get one of my last ever student loan instalments (sob) I’m booking driving lessons and hopefully will be on wheels in no time, carting my stock to cute little, and big, market and fairs. So start driving and book markets – first checkpoint. Once I get there I’ll think of the next, for now I’ll focus on the not causing harm to cats, pedestrians, my driving instructor and myself while operating a steering wheel.

Do what makes you happy. And I intend to!